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Pentek's mission is to provide the embedded community with leading edge system- and board-level solutions for the most demanding requirements in data acquisition, digital signal processing and software radio applications through excellence and innovation.

Pentek, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, was founded in 1986 and is now the premier source for high-speed real-time recording systems and software, data acquisition and I/O, DSP (digital signal processing) and SDR (software defined radio) products.

Our customers enjoy the performance and flexibility afforded by our system- and board-level commercial and conduction-cooled product lines and our world-class applications support.

Pentek Company ProfileCompany Profile

Rodger Hosking Vice President "Pentek takes pride in listening to its customers and creating new products to meet their needs. We promise an atmosphere of freedom and creativity among our engineers, so they can design industry-leading products to satisfy the most demanding applications. This has been the key to our success through the years."

-- Rodger Hosking, Vice President

Company Brief

  • Designs and builds boards and recording systems for 30+ years satisfying customer demands in many military programs and commercial markets.
  • Provides high-performance COTS and rugged board and recording system solutions for the lab and deployment.
  • Pentek engineers maintain a thorough understanding of advanced signal theory and real-world system considerations.
  • Small business, privately held, manufactures in the USA.
  • Serves high-end radar, communications, SIGINT, beamforming, software radio and SATCOM markets.
  • Optimizes design for maximum performance and to satisfy critical requirements.
  • Pentek is a technology partner with deep knowledge of customer applications.
  • Offers complete technical documentation that saves development time.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction with free, lifetime customer support.
  • Provides long term product availability and life-cycle support with automated life cycle management notification system.
  • Bonded Inventory Program extends product longevity.
  • Bundle discount programs and volume discounts available.


Technology Brief

  • Provides over 700 high-performance COTS and rugged board and recording system solutions for the lab and deployment.
  • Board level products in AMC, 3U cPCI, 6U cPCI, FMC, PCIe, PMC, PMC+XMC, VME, VPX, XMC and 1U Rackmount form factors.
  • Talon RF/IF and digital signal recording systems in portable, rackmount and SFF (small form factor).
  • Pre-configured SPARK® series saves engineers and system integrators the time and expense associated with building and testing a development system that ensures optimum performance of Pentek boards.
  • First to introduce board-level, digital receiver technology in 1992.
  • Exploits new FPGA features and performance levels for real-time embedded applications. As with GateXpress that improves and simplifies FPGA loading.
  • Works closely with other vendors to guarantee interoperability.
  • Superior power and thermal management solutions. Built-in thermal sensors in FPGA modules. Modules in extended temperature and conduction-cooled configurations.
  • Optimizes multiboard, multichannel synchronization with line of clock/sync generators.
  • Efficient manufacturing of Quartz® (Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC), Jade® (Xilinx Kintex UltraScale), Flexor® (FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card)), JadeFX® (Xilinx Kintex UltraScale with FMC), Onyx® (Xilinx Virtex-7), OnyxFX™ (Xilinx Virtex-7 with FMC) and Cobalt (Xilinx Virtex-6) product designs leads to quicker delivery.
  • Premier third party for Xilinx, allows for technology preview and early development of new designs that fit into FPGA infrastructure.
  • Taking a new approach to solving FPGA IP and control software connectivity Navigator® Design Suite includes Navigator® FDK (FPGA design kit) for integrating custom IP into the Pentek factory-shipped design and Navigator® BSP (board support package) for creating host applications.
  • Pentek's GateFlow FPGA Design Resources provides the user with design information, software files and utilities for extending FPGA functions. Users can implement a variety of custom preprocessing functions such as convolution, framing, pattern recognition, decompression, FFT, delay, decoding, time stamping, averaging, summation and many more.
  • Pentek developed the ReadyFlow BSPs (board support packages) to provide a path for quick start-up through application completion, allow programming at high, intermediate & low levels, illustrated examples, complete documentation and example source code.
  • Pentek engineers maintain a thorough understanding of advanced signal theory and real-world system considerations.
  • Pentek's engineers are DSP (digital signal processing), data acquisition and SDR (software defined radio) experts.
  • Provides a consistent development environment for an easy migration path from Cobalt (Xilinx Virtex-6 family) to Onyx (Xilinx Virtex-7 family) and then from Jade (Xilinx Kintex UltraScale series) to Quartz (Xilinx UltraScale+ RFSoC series) FPGA boards.


Product Overview

You can select from a variety of recording systems and processor boards with the industry's most extensive line of advanced analog and digital I/O products, along with exclusive development tools that help you get up and running quickly.

High-Speed Real-Time Recording Systems

  • Economical alternatives to in-house development
  • Fully tested and ready to run right out-of-the-box
  • Full-featured SystemFlow® recording software
  • Sentinel® Intelligent Signal Scanning Software
  • ArchiTek™ FPGA Development Suite

Processor Engines

Data Acquisition

  • Single or multichannel A/Ds (analog-to-digital) and D/As (digital-to-analog)
  • Sampling rates to 6.4 GHz
  • Resolution to 16 bits
  • Optical, sFPDP and Gbit Ethernet interfaces

Software Radio


Life Cycle Management

Pentek's Life Cycle Management system details the current status of any product. Pentek provides extended life cycle support to customers with long-term program requirements to ensure availability of products. Customers must contact Pentek to establish an appropriate plan to satisfy future requirements.


Pentek Strategies

  • We support an aggressive new product development cycle to meet market demands as we design the next generation of embedded DSP (digital signal processing) products.
  • We consistently invest more than 15% of revenues in product development, engineering and applications support.
  • We will help you solve the most challenging DSP problems through our dedicated staff of systems engineers who are trained to provide the answers to your hardware, software or applications questions.
  • We recognize today's time-to-market pressures and budget constraints on development resources and we offer low-risk, easy-to-use embedded solutions.


Why Customers Buy From Pentek

The initial hardware and software price often winds up being a small part of the overall cost of getting your application developed and implemented. Taking a long time to develop your system/application software, or getting stuck in a continuous loop of software and hardware debugging, is often the more significant cost component. It is therefore important to take into account the following considerations.

  • Pentek has been designing and building boards for 30+ years: We understand how these boards are going to be used and have designed them for maximum performance, signal quality, thermal characteristics, cooling, FPGA loading, I/O to and through the boards and for channel synchronization where low phase noise is critical.
  • DSP (digital signal processing) and Data Acquisition and I/O Experts: By thoroughly understanding advanced signal theory and real-world system considerations, our experts have spread this knowledge to the embedded computing community through thousands of tutorials, industry articles, techcasts, webcast seminars and technical handbooks targeting the most demanding applications. These same experts help Pentek customers choose the best system architectures for a successful design delivered on time.
  • Pentek targets the high-end of the market: Building a board is one thing, getting it to perform correctly and at peak performance is another, especially if the FPGA is an integral part of the application. Pentek thereby offers highly optimized products with superior technical support for maximum performance.
  • Systems Hardware Prequalification: Pentek characterizes and tests a variety of motherboards, processor boards, RAID controllers, SSDs, etc. so the right components can be used in your systems eliminating system and processing bottlenecks and development time.
  • FPGAs are fully characterized: Pentek provides detailed information on FPGA utilization and can recommend exactly which FPGA to use on each board based on how much user generated IP will be installed.
  • Navigator® Design Suite: The Navigator Design Suite, consisting of the BSP (Board Support Package) and FDK (FPGA Design Kit), provides an unparalleled plug-and-play solution to the complex task of IP and control software creation and compatibility.
  • FPGA IP development support: All of Pentek's boards use the FPGA as an integral part of the board for moving data and for signal processing functions. As a result, Pentek is expert at developing IP and using vendor's development and debugging software tool sets. This helps new customers through the process, saving time and money.
  • Technical Support: Pentek offers free, unlimited, lifetime technical support from seasoned DSP (digital signal processing) engineers. Pentek's superior support means customers get their application implemented significantly faster. Pentek excels at supporting you until you get your issues resolved.
  • Documentation: Pentek's documentation is the best in the industry. This level of quality documentation saves an enormous amount of development time.
  • Startup Time: You can install and use the board immediately by using the ReadyFlow Command Line Interface and Signal Analyzer to display the data without having to do any programming. This saves development time and shortens project start up time.
  • Quality: Pentek implements the highest quality practices in all operational phases, and is committed to customer satisfaction and on-going improvement. Pentek proudly maintains its ISO 9001:2015 certification.



Pentek is an active member in many industry associations that drive new technologies including the following:

PICMG AUVSI Association of Old Crows
Wireless Innovation Forum Sensor Open Systems Architecture  

Xilinx's Alliance Program

Certified Partner in the Xilinx Alliance Program

As a Certified Member of Xilinx's Alliance Program, Pentek has passed a comprehensive 320-point review of our technical, business, quality, and support processes and have committed engineers who completed the same rigorous training used by Xilinx Field Application Engineers worldwide. Pentek continues to demonstrate years of expertise with Xilinx devices and implementation techniques and consistently delivers high-quality products and services utilizing Xilinx programmable platforms.


Pentek Best Practices

  • Bonded Inventory Program is to guarantee availability of a specified quantity of at-risk Pentek products, because some of the required components have been declared end-of-life (EOL) by the manufacturer.
  • Conflict Minerals Policy addresses serious issues and concerns within the supply chain for raw materials.
  • Counterfeit Parts Prevention procedure for avoiding, detecting, mitigating, and disposition of counterfeit electronic parts.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), demonstrating Pentek's long-standing commitment to quality-of-service standards and customer satisfaction.
  • Life Cycle Management allows those interested in tracking Pentek products to obtain the current life cycle status of any product.
  • Privacy Policy: Pentek is committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure.
  • REACH Position Statement: The Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a European Community Regulation related to the safe use and identification of chemicals (Regulation (EC) Number 1907/2006).
  • RoHs Compliance Statement some Pentek products are avaiable in a RoHS compliant lead-free version.
  • Terms Of Use: Pentek requests and often requires users to provide contact and qualifying information to download technical information from the Pentek Website.
  • Warranty its products to conform to published specifications and to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.


Pentek Company History


VITA, the trade association for standard computing architectures serving critical and intelligent embedded computing systems markets, announced that Rodger Hosking, vice-president and co-founder of Pentek, Inc., was elected to the VITA Board of Directors.

Pentek continued its line of popular Jade Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA products:

  • The Model 71813 features 28 pairs of LVDS digital I/O to meet the requirements of emerging standards from The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA™) Consortium of which Pentek is a member. The Model 71813 is also the industry's first such XMC to implement an optional front panel optical interface supporting four 12Gbps lanes to the FPGA.
  • The Model 71810 routes 38 pairs of LVDS connections from the FPGA to an 80-pin connector on the front panel. When mounted on a compatible single board computer or other XMC carrier, the Model 71810 provides a fully customizable I/O signal status and control interface.
  • The Model 54851 features two 500 MHz 12-bit A/Ds with two programmable multiband digital downconverters (DDCs) and one digital upconverter (DUC) with two 800 MHz 16-bit D/As. The Model 54851 is the first board utilizing this new 3U VPX architecture with advanced wideband I/O options.
  • The Model 54821 features three 200 MHz 16-bit A/Ds with three programmable multiband digital downconverters (DDCs) and one digital upconverter (DUC) with two 800 MHz 16-bit D/As. The Model 54821 is the latest addition to the Pentek 3U VPX architecture with the advanced wideband I/O options afforded by OpenVPX.
  • The Model 54141A is a dual channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter with sample rates up to 6.4 GHz. Programmable DDCs (digital downconverters) and DUCs (digital upconverters) support connections to IF or RF signals.

Pentek introduced several enhancements to its Navigator Design Suite for the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC. New IP expands Pentek's existing IP library to over 140 cores for FPGA development on its Quartz Architecture platform. Pentek's Navigator Design Suite includes the Navigator FDK (FPGA Design Kit) for integrating custom IP into Pentek factory-shipped designs and the Navigator BSP (Board Support Package) for creating host applications.

The company expanded its family of Talon high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • The RTX 2596 small form factor (SFF) recorder is fully-deployable and ideal for capturing digitized sensor data from radar systems and RF downconverters that use the lightweight VITA 17.1 sFPDP protocol. It is capable of recording and playing back four Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) data streams. The RTX 2596 supports baud rates to 4.25 GBaud and has options for multi-mode or single-mode optical interfaces.
  • The RTR 2654 26.5 GHz RF rackmount recorder combines the power of a Pentek Talon Recording System with a 26.5 GHz RF tuner and Pentek's Sentinel™ intelligent signal scanning software. The RTR 2654 automatically scans the RF spectrum from 800 MHz to 26.5 GHz for signals of interest and monitor or record bandwidths up to 500 MHz wide, making it very suitable for military, security and government intelligence (SIGINT, COMINT and ELINT) applications.

Pentek. Inc, Herrick Technology Laboratories, Inc. and Kontron, developed products aligned with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA™) Technical Standard that are used in a new 3U VPX demonstrator system designed to illustrate the capabilities of open systems architectures. This 3U VPX system is ideal for electronic warfare (EW), SIGINT, radar and communications applications. The flight-qualified chassis utilizes open architecture modules, from multiple suppliers, for a complete functional demonstration system.


Pentek introduces its Quartz Architecture with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC FPGA that delivers unprecedented resource integration, waveform generation, real-time data acquisition and more

  • The Model 6001 Quartz eXpress Module (QuartzXM), as the only high-performance system-on-module (SoM) market offering based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC FPGA with eight integrated RF-class A/D and D/A converters. Measuring only 2.5 by 4 inches, the QuartzXM Model 6001 includes all of the circuitry needed to maximize the performance of the RFSoC.
  • The Quartz Model 5950, an eight-channel A/D & D/A converter, 3U OpenVPX board based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC FPGA.
  • The Model 8257 3U VPX development chassis for Pentek's new Quartz RFSoC FPGA product line features a single-slot backplane, power supply, forced-air cooling, and connectors that provide an integrated platform all ready for immediate development of RFSoC applications.

Pentek announces its Talon SFF (small form factor) recorder product line optimized for SWaP (size, weight and power) that provides the performance and storage capacity previously only possible in much larger rack-mountable products. Pentek's Talon SFF recording and playback systems are capable of streaming data to disk in real time using an integrated high-speed RAID controller coupled with enterprise class SSDs for hours of data capture in a variety of environments:

  • The Talon RTX 25xx series, a new high-performance small form factor (SFF) recorder product line for extreme operating environments. Optimized for SWaP (size, weight and power), the rugged sealed ½ ATR recorders are available with multiple input options and provide real-time streaming data rates of up to 4 GB/s for ultra-wide bandwidth RF or high-speed recording.
    • RTX 2586 - Multichannel RF/IF: Up to four 200 MHz 16-bit A/Ds can capture up to 80 MHz of RF/IF signal bandwidth per channel with excellent dynamic range.
    • RTX 2589 - Ultra Wideband RF/IF: A 3.6 GHz 12-bit A/D provides extremely wideband RF/IF signal capture.
    • RTX 2590 provides eight phase-coherent 250 MHz 16-bit A/D channels, for recording up to 100 MHz of RF/IF signal bandwidth per channel with excellent dynamic range. It can sample RF/IF signals up to 700 MHz and provides digital downconverters with output bandwidths selectable from 5 kHz to 100 MHz.
  • The Talon RTR 254x series measuring 5.25" H x 8.5" W x 14" D and weighing only 17 pounds is capable of sustained real-time recording speeds up to 4 GB/s and can hold up to 30.7 TB of removable SSD storage. Power consumption has been greatly reduced with most systems drawing less than 120 W at full operation:
    • RTR 2546 200 MS/sec RF/IF Rugged SFF Recorder
    • RTR 2547 500 MS/sec RF/IF Rugged SFF Recorder
    • RTR 2548 1 GS/sec RF/IF Rugged SFF Recorder
    • RTR 2549 3.6 GS/sec Ultra Wideband RF/IF SFF Recorder
  • The Talon RTR 255x series implements Pentek's extensive line of digital serial modules including 40Gb Ethernet, serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) and LVDS. All are capable of both receiving and transmitting data for recording and playback of data streams:
    • RTR 2555 - Ethernet: 1-, 10-, and 40-Gigabit Ethernet supporting both TCP and UDP protocols, with copper or optical interfaces
    • RTR 2556 - Serial FPDP: Up to four SFP connectors supporting copper, single-mode or multimode fiber to accommodate all popular sFPDP interfaces
    • RTR 2558 - LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling): Utilizes a 32-bit LVDS interface that can be clocked at speeds up to 250 MHz. It includes Data Valid and Suspend signals and provides the ability to turn these signals on and off as well as control their polarity

Pentek introduces its evolutionary JadeFX family for FMC and FMC+ modules based on the high performance Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA to provide customers additional processing engines with the lowest power to address the insatiable demand of higher-speed A/Ds and D/As and tougher DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms:

  • The JadeFX Model 5983, a 3U VPX carrier board for FMC and FMC+ modules, includes a VITA-57.4 FMC site providing access to a wide range of I/O options. When combined with any of Pentek's Flexor FMCs to create a FlexorSet, it becomes a complete multichannel data conversion and processing subsystem suitable for connection to IF, HF or RF ports of a communications or radar system.

The company continued its line of popular Jade Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA products:

  • The 2-channel Jade Model 71865, a 200 MHz 16-bit A/D channelizer with 762 narrowband digital down converters (DDCs) and 4 wideband DDCs, based on the Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA is an economical and energy efficient, complete software radio receiver solution for commercial, military and government high-channel count applications.
  • The Jade Model 71800 is a co-processor module with an XMC PCI Express Gen 3 interface and general purpose I/O using parallel LVDS and gigabit serial ports. Designed to work with Pentek's Navigator Design Suite of tools, the combination of Jade and Navigator offers users an efficient path to developing and deploying FPGA IP for data and signal processing.

Pentek transceiver provides the SDR (software defined radio) interface for the NeXtRAD multistatic radar system: NeXtRAD is a dual-band, dual-polarization, multistatic radar system under development at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in collaboration with University College London (UCL). The primary mission of the system is to collect multistatic data of small radar cross-section maritime targets embedded in sea clutter.

Pentek extended its line of Jade family Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA products:

  • The Model 71132 is an XMC module featuring eight 250 MHz 16-bit A/Ds with eight wideband digital down converters (DDCs) and 64 multiband DDCs, all fully programmable.
  • The Model 71862 includes four 200 MHz, 16-bit A/D channels and a unique combination of 32 programmable multiband DDCs for both wideband and narrowband frequency monitoring.
  • The Model 71141 is a 6.4 GHz dual channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter with programmable DDCs and DUCs suitable for connection to IF or RF signals for very wideband communications or radar system applications.
  • The Model 71131 is an eight-channel, 250 MHz XMC module featuring 16-bit A/Ds with programmable multiband digital down converters (DDCs) suitable for connection to HF or IF ports of a communications or radar system.
  • The Model 71821 is a three-channel, 200 MHz, 16-bit A/D, with multiband digital down converters (DDCs) and one digital upconverter (DUC) to two 800 MHz 16-bit D/As, XMC module based on the Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA and can be used in many high-performance applications.
  • The Model 71851 is based on the Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA and features two 500 MHz, 12-bit A/Ds with multiband digital down converters (DDCs), one digital upconverter (DUC) and two 800 MHz 16-bit D/As.

The company continued its line of popular Talon high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • The Talon RTR 2613 combines Pentek's intelligent signal scanning software with real-time recording in a lightweight, portable and rugged package that allows SIGINT engineers to scan the 3 GHz spectrum for signals of interest and monitor or record instantaneous bandwidths up to 40 MHz once a signal of interest is detected.
  • Pentek Talon rugged recorders now capture 40 Gigabit Ethernet Streams:
    • Model RTR 2735A, a new portable rugged recorder, available for 1 GB, 10 GB and 40 GB Ethernet.
    • Model RTR 2755 and the RTX 2775, have been upgraded to include the higher Ethernet rates, double the number of channels and double the solid state drive (SSD) storage capacity.
  • The Model RTR 2745 rugged rackmount recorder, optimized for rugged operating environments, increases the bandwidth for record and playback of the Talon Rackmount Series with capability to capture and reproduce signal bandwidths up to 560 MHz.
  • New features and enhancements to its Talon SystemFlow software that improve the ease-of-use and recording capabilities of the entire line of Talon Recording Systems. The optimized enhancements to SystemFlow benefit radar, SIGINT and communications recording applications where reliability, speed and data integrity are mission-critical.

Pentek, Inc., a pioneer in embedded computing innovation, has achieved ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (QMS) certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), demonstrating Pentek's long-standing commitment to quality-of-service standards and customer satisfaction.


Pentek introduces its evolutionary Jade family Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA modules with Navigator Design Suite Software Tools:

  • Model 71861, an XMC module with four 200 MHz A/D channels and programmable multiband DDCs (digital downconverters), evolved from the proven designs of the Pentek Cobalt and Onyx architectures. The new Jade series is based on the Xilinx flagship Kintex UltraScale FPGA, which significantly raises the DSP (digital signal processing) performance by over 50%. Equally impressive are reductions in cost by 39% and power dissipation by 18%.
  • The Model 71841 available as a 1-channel, 3.6 GHz 12-bit A/D or 2-channel, 1.8 GHz 12-bit A/D XMC module based on the Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA comes preconfigured with a suite of built-in functions for data capture, synchronization, time tagging and formatting, making it an ideal turn-key interface for radar, communications or general data acquisition applications.

Pentek extended its line of popular Talon high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • Model RTS 2620 6 GHz RF Sentinel™ Intelligent Signal Scanning rackmount recorder is suitable for military, security and government intelligence (SIGINT, COMINT and ELINT) applications. The Talon RTS 2620 is the first recorder to combine and exploit the power of a Pentek Talon recording system with a fully integrated signal scanner, RF tuner and RF upconverter.
  • Model RTR 2623 6 GHz RF Sentinel™ Intelligent Signal Scanning portable, rugged recorder with a fully integrated 6 GHz RF down converter. The Sentinel capability adds intelligent signal scanning with real-time signal monitoring and detection that is fully user configurable.
  • The Model RTR 2727A 500 MS/sec rugged portable recorder targets applications needing to record and reproduce high-bandwidth signals. A complete PC workstation, the RTR 2727A provides high data capacity and aggregate recording rates of up to 4.0 GB/s in a four-channel system.

The company continued its Cobalt family Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA modules:

  • Model 71664, is a 200 MHz 16-bit A/D with programmable digital down converter, based on the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA includes an IP engine for the VITA 49.0 Radio Transport (VRT) protocol.

Pentek extended its line of Onyx family Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA modules:

  • Model 71791 XMC module is an L-Band RF tuner with two 500 MHz A/Ds based on the high density Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA. The Model 71791 is designed for connection directly to SATCOM or communications system L-band signals.

The company expanded its Flexor series of FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) products:

  • The FlexorSet Model 5973-313 for 3U VPX and Model 7070-313 for PCIe platforms consist of an FMC installed on either of two FMC carriers with Virtex-7 FPGAs. The Flexor Model 3312 FMC features four 250 MHz, 16-bit A/Ds and two 800 MHz, 16-bit D/As, which are supported with matching digital down converters (DDCs) and interpolation filters as intellectual property (IP) installed in the FPGA.
  • Introduced two new FlexorSets featuring the ground breaking Texas Instruments (TI) ADC32RF45 dual 14-bit 3 GSPS A/D converter. The FlexorSet Model 5973-320 for 3U VPX and Model 7070-320 for PCIe consist of the new Flexor Model 3320 configurable 2-Channel A/D and 2-Channel D/A FMC installed on either of two carriers.

The Pentek expanded its line of Talon high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • Model RTR 2750 rugged rackmount recorder optimized for rugged operating environments increases the performance of the Talon Rackmount Series with twice the number of channels, over 50% more storage capacity, 25% faster sampling rates and nearly twice the sustained aggregate recording rate.
  • Model RTR 2736A multi-channel Serial FPDP (sFPDP) rugged portable recorder, suitable for military and aerospace, radar, and communications applications.
  • Model RTR 2726A rugged portable recorder, suitable for wideband signal recording and playback in signal intelligence and RF testing applications.
  • Model RTV 2602 Serial FPDP recording and playback system extends the Talon Value Series of rackmount recorders that are optimized for laboratory operating environments.

The company continued its Flexor series of FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) products:

  • FlexorSet Model 5973-324 for 3U VPX and Model 7070-324 for PCIe contains optimized Pentek FPGA intellectual property (IP) for A/D acquisition and D/A waveform playback, which is ideally matched to the four 500 MHz, 16-bit A/Ds and the four 1.5 GHz, 16-bit D/As with digital up-converters (DUCs).
  • FlexorSet Model 5973-312 for 3U VPX and Model 7070-312 for PCIe combine the high performance of the Virtex-7 and optical interconnects with the flexibility of the multichannel FMC data converter, creating a complete powerful radar and software radio sub-system.
  • FlexorSet Model 5973-317 for 3U VPX and Model 7070-317 for PCIe contains eight channel digital down converter (DDC) intellectual property (IP), which is ideally matched to the eight 250 MHz, 16-bit A/Ds.
  • Model 7070 PCIe FMC carrier with a Virtex-7 FPGA provides an ideal development and deployment platform for demanding DSP (digital signal processing) applications.

Pentek extended its line of popular Cobalt family Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA modules:

  • Model 71624 dual channel, 34 signal, adaptive IF (Intermediate Frequency) relay XMC with a Virtex-6 FPGA accepts two IF analog input channels, modifies up to 34 signals, and then delivers them to two analog IF outputs.

The company expanded its series of SPARK® high-performance, pre-integrated and tested development systems:


Pentek released a new line of extreme environment recorders: the Talon® RTX Rackmount series. Designed for field operation, the new RTX Family provides a rugged military-specified rackmount chassis and QuickPac Drive Pack that allows operators to quickly remove and replace storage drives.

Pentek debuted a new family of affordable recording systems: the Talon® RTV series. Designed for laboratory and benign environments, the Model RTV 2601 is a single-channel multiband recording and playback system representing exceptional value for the price and is available for expedited delivery from stock.

The company expanded its line of Talon® high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • Model RTR 2729A, a 3.6 GHz 12-bit A/D rugged portable recorder suitable for military and aerospace applications, is capable of capturing an extremely wide band of signals in real-time to disk.

Pentek introduced a new family of FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) products: the Flexor series.

  • The industry's first FMC/VPX carrier with optical backplane interface Model 5973 and Model 3312 combine the high performance of the Virtex-7 with the flexibility of the FMC data converter creating a complete radar and software radio solution.
  • The Model 3316 FMC module doubles the existing channel density and boosts sample rates with eight 250 MHz 16-bit A/Ds.

The company extended its line of Onyx® family Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA modules:

  • The 3-channel Model 71721 and the 4-channel Model 71761, 200 MHz 16-bit A/D XMC modules each have a programmable digital down converter and a suite of built-in programmable cores.
  • Model 71741, a 1-channel, 3.6 GHz 12-bit A/D or 2-channel, 1.8 GHz 12-bit A/D XMC module, can digitize signal bandwidths up to 1500 MHz.
  • Model 52751, a two-channel, wideband transceiver 3U VPX board, is suitable for connection to HF or IF ports of communications or radar systems.

Pentek continued its line of popular Cobalt® family Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA modules:

  • Model 52663, the industry's first full spectrum GSM channelizer, is a 3U VPX module ideal for mobile monitoring systems that must capture some or all of the 1100 uplink and downlink signals in both upper and lower GSM bands.

Pentek announced the addition of 6U VPX boards to the Pentek product line: the Models 57xxx with one XMC module installed and the Models 58xxx with two XMC modules installed. These products extend the Pentek building block strategy of using Cobalt Virtex-6 and Onyx Virtex-7 XMC FPGA modules on carriers for open architecture industry-standard form factors.

Pentek released a new line of high-performance, pre-integrated and tested systems to jump start application development: the SPARK® Development Systems. The Model 8267 fully-integrated 3U VPX system speeds application development for Pentek's expansive family of Flexor FMC, Cobalt® Virtex-6 and Onyx® Virtex-7 FPGA 3U VPX software radio and data acquisition I/O boards.


Pentek continued its line of Onyx® family Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA modules:

  • Model 71730 a single channel 1 GHz 12-bit A/D, 1 GHz 16-bit D/A module which can receive and transmit at the same sampling rate, supporting signal bandwidths up to 400 MHz.

The company expanded its line of Talon® high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • The Model RTR 2728 rugged portable and the Model RTR 2748 rugged rackmount recorders use state-of-the-art SSD (solid state drive) storage technology to achieve aggregate recording and playback rates up to 4 GBytes per second.
  • The Model RTS 2707 rackmount system and the Model RTR 2747 rugged rackmount system offer recording and playback of RF/IF signals up to 700 MHz with signal bandwidths up to 200 MHz.
  • Pentek introduced three LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) digital I/O systems: the Model RTS 2718 commercial rackmount, the Model RTR 2738 rugged portable, and the Model RTR 2758 rugged rackmount recorders.

Pentek extended its line of popular Cobalt® family Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA modules:

  • Pentek's fastest-ever data acquisition XMC module, Model 71641, is capable of digitizing one 12-bit channel at 3.6 GHz, or two channels at 1.8 GHz.
  • The Model 71610 digital I/O module with 32 LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) differential input or output pairs plus LVDS clock, data valid and flow control signals.

Pentek introduced a new OpenVPX product line with 18 diverse 3U OpenVPX products, Model 52xxx series, while reducing power requirements and costs.

Pentek added the Model 7194 high-speed clock generator that provides fixed frequency sample clocks to up to four Pentek analog-to-digital Cobalt® Virtex-6 and Onyx® Virtex-7 modules in multiboard systems.

The company launched the Model 8266 pre-configured PC development system, for the expansive family of Cobalt® Virtex-6 and Onyx® Virtex-7 FPGA PCI Express boards, to speed application development and get customers up and running quickly.

Pentek leveraged our modular product architectures with the introduction of 56xxx family of Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) products. The new AMC series gives customers instant access to 15 different signal processing modules.

In addition, Pentek debuted a Bandit line of multiband, modular RF slot receivers:

  • The Model 8111 series accepts RF signals over the range of 800 MHz to 3 GHz, downconverting them to a 225 MHz IF signal suitable for A/D conversion by any of several signal acquisition modules.
  • The Model 7120 2-channel analog RF tuner accepts RF signals over the range of 400 MHz to 4 GHz, amplifying, filtering and downconverting them to an IF signal suitable for A/D conversion by any of several Pentek signal acquisition modules.

Pentek introduced the new Onyx® family based on the Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA:

  • The first member of its high-performance Onyx family, the Model 71760 4-channel 200 MHz A/D XMC, is ideal for demanding UAV, radar and communications applications.
  • Addressing the most challenging unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), radar and communications applications, Pentek released the Onyx Model 71720 3-channel, 200 MHz A/D, 2-channel 800 MHz D/A module.

The company expanded its line of Talon® high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • The first member of its Extreme Talon recorder family, the RTX 2786 IF signal Recording and playback system, is suitable for military and aerospace applications, UAVs and other severe temperature, shock and vibration environments.
  • New Talon multi-channel Serial FPDP turnkey recording systems: the RTS 2716 commercial rackmount, the RTR 2736 rugged portable, and the RTR 2756 rugged rackmount recorders are ideal for R&D, ground, ship, airborne and rugged environments.
  • Designed for ultra wideband signals, Pentek released the Talon RTS 2709 2-Channel RF/IF rackmount recorder.
  • Pentek introducted the Talon RTR 2727 rugged portable RF/IF high-bandwidth signal recording and playback system suitable for military and aerospace applications.

The company extended its line of popular Cobalt® family Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA modules:

  • Pentek introducted two quad serial FPDP (front panel data port) with Cobalt family modules: the Model 71611 XMC module and the Model 7811 native PCI express card.
  • The Cobalt Model 71671 D/A converter module for RF and IF waveform playback extends signal bandwidth range for beamforming and software radio applications.

In addition, Pentek debuted high-speed system synchronization and distribution amplifier products: Model 7192 PMC/XMC module, Model 9192 rack-mount unit and Model 7893 PCIe board for military, medical imaging and beamforming applications.


Pentek extended its line of Talon high-speed real-time recording systems:

  • RTS Model 2706 customizable 200 MHz multi-channel high-speed real-time recording and playback system for the real-time reproduction of recorded signals and GPS time stamping and positioning.
  • Pentek's first fully-rugged Mil-Spec recording system RTR Model 2746 200 MHz real-time analog recording and analysis system for harsh environments and UAV applications.
  • Pentek's first digital I/O high-speed recording system RTS Model 2715 10Gig ethernet data recorder pre-loaded with SystemFlow software.
  • Ruggedized portable RF/IF signal recording and playback system RTR Model 2726 for vehicle, ship and aircraft applications.

The company expanded its line of Cobalt family Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA modules:

  • Model 71662 four channel, 200 MHz, 16-bit data acquisition board with built-in digital down converters (DDCs) suitable for direct connection to IF or RF ports of communications, unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) and radar systems.
  • Pentek's fastest-ever data acquisition module Model 71640 one channel at 3.6 GHz or two channels at 1.8 GHz 12-bit A/D board ideal for radar and software radio interface solutions.
  • Pentek more than doubles signal bandwidth with Model 71651 software radio module featuring dual-channel 500 MHz A/Ds capture 240 MHz of signal bandwidth.
  • Model 71670 four channel, 1.25 GHz D/A module ideal for beamforming and multichannel waveform generation.
  • Pentek introduced availability of 3U and 6U CompactPCI (cPCI) for the Cobalt series modules.

In addition, Pentek also announced new features for its ReadyFlow BSP (board support package) to simplify embedded development for the Cobalt family of Xilinx Virtex-6 modules. Enhancements include a Command Line Interface that allows the hardware to run out-of-the-box without having to write any code and the introduction of a turn-key Signal Analyzer for data display, validation and monitoring.


Pentek introduced their family of Cobalt® Virtex-6 data acquistion and software radio modules ideal for wideband communicaitons, radar, SIGINT and beamforming. Modules are available for COTS and rugged XMC, cPCI, VPX, PCI, PCIe and VME. These modules have: sampling ranges from 10 MHz to 1 GHz; dedicated memory for each I/O stream; intelligent chaining DMA engines; secondary serial gigabit interface; multichannel, multiboard synchronization and support for ReadyFlow® Board Support Libraries and GateFlow FPGA Design Resources.

Pentek, Inc., a pioneer in embedded computing innovation, has achieved ISO 9001:2008 quality management system (QMS) certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), demonstrating Pentek's long-standing commitment to quality-of-service standards and customer satisfaction.


PCI express software radio modules were introduced with routing flexibility designed specifically for communications, software radio, radar, telemetry, and signal intelligence applications. In addition, the Cobalt® family of Virtex-6 products was announced.


Pentek achieves ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management systems and interoperability of VITA Radio Transport (VRT). Pentek announces new software radio modules that feature the industry's latest 16-bit 200 MHz A/Ds. Pentek also introduces two rugged software radio PMC modules with unprecedented performance and density--the Model 7141-420 covers a very wide range of transmit and receive bandwidths and the Model 7141-430 provides up to 512 independently-tunable receiver channels in one slot. Pentek also announced the Model 4207 VME/VXS I/O Processor board and the Model 2721 portable signal recording and playback system with streaming data up to 500 MB/sec.


Pentek introduces the Model 7141 PMC/XMC Transceiver for superior signal quality software radio applications. New installed IP cores include multi-band DDCs covering four orders of magnitude of signal bandwidth and interpolation filters that extend the bandwidth range of ASIC interpolators by three orders of magnitude.


Pentek announces a new family of software radio transceiver modules that boost FPGA, memory and A/D Resources for complex wideband multi-channel systems. This new line expands to PMC/XMC, 3U/6U cPCI and PCI form factors and is also available in rugged versions. New software radio module FPGA pre-installed cores were added including a 256-channel DDC core that increases channel density by an order of magnitude. Additionally, new High-Speed Real-Time Recording Systems were added with wider signal bandwidths and record/playback capabilities.


Rugged versions of new software radio modules were announced. A new comprehensive software radio transceiver packs FPGA processing power with XMC switched fabric IO. SystemFlow® API and libraries was added to support Pentek's high-speed real-time recording system line. Pentek introduces the Model 6826 2 GHz VXS A/D converter board.


Pentek announces the first switch-less VXS system along with powerful I/O products that combine the VXS connectivity with powerful FPGA resources and IP offerings. Pentek also expands its software radio product line with a new PCI card powerful enough to stand on its own. New 3U and 6U cPCI board offerings were also introduced.


Pentek introduces its Model 4205 I/O processor PowerPC board with installed IP Cores. It also introduces its first PCI product, Model 7631 receiver.


Pentek introduces an Octal C6203 processor and more FPGA software radio VIM and PMC modules with GateFlow FPGA Design Resources.


The company announces its new quad Motorola AltiVec G4 PowerPC processor and new FPGA software radio VIM modules.


Pentek announces its new quad board based on the TI fixed-point DSP (digital signal processing) processor the TMS320C6203. The ReadyFlow® Board Support Package are introduced.


The company expands its line of high-performance VIM I/O to more than ten models, and introduces its first RACEway® digital receiver VME board.


Pentek announces its new quad board based on the TI floating-point DSP (digital signal processing) processor the TMS320C6701. The VIM Series of mezzanine I/O is also introduced.


Pentek announces its new quad board based on the TI fixed-point DSP (digital signal processing) processor the TMS320C6201.


Pentek introduces a line of C-size VXI products. PMC modules and more digital receivers are announced.


Pentek introduces their powerful octal C40 VME board. More digital receivers and A/D boards, along with new software, are also introduced.


A group of five engineers form a company, which they appropriately name Pentek. The company engages in developing and marketing off-the-shelf DSP (digital signal processing) and data acquisition products such as C30 and C40 DSP processor VME boards and a slew of analog and digital I/O peripherals including the first digital receiver product.


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