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Conflict Minerals Policy

The recent enactment of U.S. Congress HR 4173, specifically with regard to section 1502-Conflict Minerals, addresses serious issues and concerns within the supply chain for raw materials.

Pentek is monitoring the related issues and developments as they impact the electronics supply chain supporting our manufacturing. We are fully aware of this law, and while not required to comply since we are a privately held company, Pentek is committed to helping our customers comply with all reporting requirements.

We have conducted a survey of our suppliers and it is clear that they are moving toward enactment and compliance, but there is still a long way to go. To aid customers in determining the component manufacturers' Conflict Mineral Position, Pentek is providing access to our suppliers' and manufacturers' statements via the internet.


Conflict Minerals
(Section 1502)

Information from suppliers and manufacturers is becoming more readily available and Pentek continues earnest efforts to facilitate the timely flow of information to assist our customers.

Danny Shamah
Pentek, Inc.

Our Suppliers:
(Click the links below to view our suppliers' and manufacturers' statements)

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