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Pentek's beamforming products improve signal-to-noise performance, signal reception, and signal quality. Beamforming applications span frequencies from sub-audio to light and encompass a diverse range of critical applications for commerce, industry, government and defense including direction finding, radar receivers, synthetic aperture array (SAR) systems & missile detection and countermeasure responsiveness.

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Putting VPX and OpenVPX to Work Handbook
Written by Rodger Hosking, Vice President and Co-founder of Pentek

OpenVPX presents a formal, well-organized system for defining all components in VPX systems. Numerous "profiles" for boards, slots and backplanes that detail specific configurations of channels, interconnections and fabrics are explained in this handbook. Designers can browse through these standardized profiles to find one that satisfies the objectives of each new system. By narrowing the field of configurations, these profiles boost reusability and interoperability among vendors.

Putting VPX and OpenVPX to Work Handbook

The Model 53131 is an eight-channel, 250 MHz 16-bit A/Ds with programmable multiband digital down converters (DDCs) and is suitable for connection to HF or IF ports of a communications or radar system.

Model 53131
Model 53131

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