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Model 6826 Life Cycle is in the Inactive Phase

The Model 6826 is no longer available for purchase.

Life Cycle Management and Bonded Inventory Program

Pentek's Life Cycle Management system allows those interested in tracking Pentek products to obtain the current life cycle status of any product. Each product's summary page on Pentek's website will specify the current Life Cycle phase of the product.

Pentek's Life Cycle Management system automatically notifies you when the current life cycle phase of any product you select in YourPentek profile is updated. To sign up: register or login on Pentek's site, set up a YourPentek account and select the product(s) of interest.

Life Cycle Phases


During the Active Phase, the product is available as a catalog item with standard lead times. Pentek offers customer service and applications support to customers.


During the Limited Phase, the product may be available for existing customers; but not for new designs. If available, new purchases by existing customers will have minimum quantity restrictions. Pentek maintains repair services from customer service and application support for customers.

Pentek's Bonded Inventory Program is available for purchase with some Limited products. If available, this information will be included in the email you receive to notify you that the product's lifecycle status has changed.


During the Inactive Phase, the product is no longer available. Pentek maintains repair services from customer service and application support for existing customers.

Extended Life Cycle Support

Pentek provides extended life cycle support to customers with long-term program requirements to ensure availability of products beyond the Active Phase. Customers must contact Pentek before the Limited Life Cycle period expires to establish an appropriate plan to satisfy future requirements.

Bonded Inventory Program

The purpose of the program is to guarantee availability of a specified quantity of at-risk Pentek products, because some of the required components have been declared end-of-life (EOL) by the manufacturer.

  1. Pentek will acquire and reserve a sufficient number of kits with all electronic components required to build the specified quantity of products.
  2. The customer will pay for the components purchased for bonded inventory, plus a management fee for administrating the program.
  3. The customer may order any quantity of products up to the specified quantity any time during the program or at the end of the program.
  4. Pentek will issue a credit for the cost of the bonded inventory components used to produce the ordered products.

Pricing and Availability

For the latest pricing, delivery and available options, please fill out this form and your request will be delivered to the appropriate department. To learn more about our products or to discuss your specific application please contact our sales department at SDL-sales@mrcy.com, 201-818-5900 or contact your local representative.

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